As a child who suffers, cries, doesn’t understand, yet, still trusts her parents, in the same way, Cecilia endured all her pain and anguish. Her Ideal, God, had helped her understand something great a key: to love Jesus Forsaken.

In the depths of her being a question arose: Why? And then Cecilia united her question to Jesus’ who, on the cross and on the verge of death, also asked: "My God, why have you forsaken me?" If Jesus, who was God, had felt abandoned by God, the Father, we too, in the midst of our doubts and pains, can imitate Him, in other words, we can give our life out of Love.

Seven months into Cecilia’s pregnancy, it was decided that an earlier delivery of baby Maria Agustina with the help of a C-section was best so as not to worsen Cecilia’s condition and to allow her increased medical treatments. After one of those treatments, she appeared radiant when coming out of the operating room. When questioned, she answered slowly:

Today, for the first time, with my whole being I was able to tell Jesus ‘Yes’: that I believe in His Love over and above everything else, that this is His Love for me, that I surrender myself to Him.”.

From that moment on she started writing a lot of letters. She didn’t want to keep her experience to herself. She wanted to always offer it as a gift and not a burden to others. In one of her letters, she wrote:

"I told God: ‘I want to be the way You want me to be; to have the personality that You want me to have; to be for those by   my side how You want me to be; to have the beauty You want me to have".  

She wrote to her students,

¿"Do you know what I do when the pain is so strong that it seems I won’t be able to offer it? I look at the Crucifix, smile at Him and say: ‘I’m unable to offer you this: it feels too hard, but You, make believe I’m doing so.' And it works! I then feel peace again." To a friend, “What a great thing a friend is! How many… unselfish sentiments: wanting the other person’s good more than my own; feeling your heart widen when you think about the other; wanting to cry when the other one cries, to laugh when the other one laughs...”

Y en esa Navidad:

And on that Christmas: "Last night, when I remembered Mary’s physical pain when bringing Jesus into the world I thought that I could unite my pain to hers and, in some way together with her, bring Jesus again into the world. Even if there is pain, it can’t be compared to the immense joy that it gives us. That is why I believe this life is an adventure: something inexplicable, humanly speaking. To let suffering be the way to fulfillment! (...) Without God in its center, life has no meaning."

“In the last month of her life, Cecilia had to be hospitalized since she needed to be monitored constantly. She was unconscious in the final weeks .

Nevertheless, during those last days, the reality that she radiated was such that the nurses stopped by often, just to see her.”

(Passage from the book Tus caminos son una locura. By Licy Miranda, Ciudad Nueva publishing house)

Cecilia died on March 1, 1985 at the age of 28. Those around her agree that beyond her pain, Cecilia transmitted life.

When Cecilia departed, a priest who came to visit her, told me‘Angelita, do not ask why only God knows, but for sure you will know what forToday, here before all of you, I declare that Ceci taught me to be faithful to God and to love one’s neighbor as oneself…”

Ceci was a witness to love for her students and while among themselves, one of them once asked, “What is this business about God-Love!?” Today that student is a priest. If we are faithful to God, the collective holiness that Chiara announced to us is possible 

“One evening in 1984, when Agustina hadn't been born yet, we went out to the balcony of her room overlooking the street; we were silent and suddenly I heard her say, ‘Mom, how I love people! I see them passing by and I would like to follow them, go inside their houses, see how they live and ask them what they need…’

“Many speak to me about Cecilia (and they tell me), ‘She is with me’, ‘Cecilia is present in my house', ‘I asked Cecilia for…’

“Today I tell myself, ‘Cecilia is living among the people, she knows how they’re living and what they need. God-Love, whom she witnessed to her students, keeps revealing Himself to many today from a higher balcony.”  (testimony of Angelita, Cecilia’s mother).