Where can I report any miracle or obtained grace?

People from all over the world share their experiences through an e-mail account created specifically for this purpose. 

. It is important to provide information not only about an obtained grace but also a possible miracle, because, if verified, a true miracle can help Cecilia become “Blessed” and then “Saint”. To report obtained graces write to:postulacionceciliaperrin@focolares.org.ar

Is there a biography available to read more about Cecilia Perrin’s life?

The book “Tus caminos son una locura” describes Cecilia Perrin’s astonishing inner world. It was written by Licy Miranda and it offers an intimate journey through the many life experiences of this young woman, wife and mother who decided to transform her illness into a hymn to life. The book is published by Ciudad Nueva Publishing House (Lezica 4358, C1202 AAJ, Buenos Aires - tel: +541149814885)IR

How can I know more about the spirituality that inspired Cecilia Perrín’s life?

DSince she was a child, Cecilia Perrin adhered to the spirituality of the Focolare Movement founded by Chiara Lubich. To learn more, you can visit the Focolare Movement’s website: IR

You can also find books at Ciudad Nueva Publishing House: IR

Directions to Mariapolis Lía where you may visit Cecilia’s tomb.

In fulfillment of a strong desire that she expressed to her husband, Luis Buide, Cecilia is buried at Mariapolis Lía so that people visiting her may find joy instead of suffering, life instead of death. Mariapolis Lía is located in O’Higgins, a town in the province of Buenos Aires near the city of Junín. One of Focolare’s many “little cities”, it gives witness to a renewed society where its inhabitants, mainly young people from different countries, religions and cultures, feel like brothers and sisters, and are a gift to one another. The little town has a small cemetery where visitors can also meet other people who led wonderful lives. Cecilia rests next to the body of her father, Manolo, who is also a Servant of God. On her headstone Cecilia’s most original quote is inscribed: “Your ways, O Lord, are such madness! They are tearing me apart; yet, they are the only ones I want to follow.” Location: O'Higgins 6748, B6748 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires province.

Ubicación: O’Higgins 6748, B6748 Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires IR

Mariápolis Lía
can be visited throughout the year. For more info or to book a reservation, contact

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Where can I get more material on Cecilia Perrin’s life?

Within this website itself, it is possible to download useful material on Cecilia Perrin’s life such as her biography, writings and a prayer card. For additional material, please write to postulacionceciliaperrin@focolares.org.ar

How can I give a contribution or donation to support Cecilia’s cause?

To donate to the Cause of Beatification contact us by email: postulacionceciliaperrin@focolares.org.ar or call: 0291 4553923.